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  • LockJaw - the Truly Universal Practice Lock Holder and Competition Stand
  • CE-6000 Cylinder Eater - cuts through just about any lock cylinder for quick entry.
  • Beginner-To-Advanced (BTA) Lock Picking-Rekeying Practice Kit
  • EZ ReKey Practice Locks are available in a cutaway version as well as standard.
  • CYCLOPS Practice Lock Stand
  • PCYXRDC Double Cutaway Practice Lock
  • Master Home Study Lock Picking Practice Kit
  • MPXS-20 Pick Set

As one of the oldest suppliers of Locksmith tools on the Internet, and as the major provider of specialized Lock Picking Practice Locks, Lock Picking Practice Kits, and Cut Away Locks for students and beginners, we are rightfully proud of our excellent place in the online community and of our exemplary customer service record. We strive to offer the highest in online protection and security for our customer's data, with the use of state of the art SSL technology for our online shopping cart and the enlistment of Hacker Safe/McAfee Secure for daily testing to assure there are no vulnerabilities. We continue to offer new and exciting products, adding to our line regularly and consistently.

We are primarily focused on helping beginners and students, as well as serious lock picking hobbyists, in the acquisition and/or improvement of their lockpicking skills. We carefully apply our first hand knowledge of the subject toward this end, creating and manufacturing special lockpick kits and lockpicking practice items that make it easier for those just starting out. We are unquestionably the internet leader in this slot.