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Lock Pickers Mall

Need Good Practice Locks?


No other website features as fine an assortment of excellent practice locks as does Lock Pickers Mall - period.  Whether you are a beginner in need of "easy" lock cylinders that will help you begin forming the skill required to move up a notch or a seasoned pro who wants to sharpen skills by having a collection of truly difficult locks to practice on, we have them.

The most common keyways encountered in the U.S. are Kwikset and Schlage.  This is why we offer most of our practice locks in those keyways.  Beginners often ask "which is best" to start with.  The short answer is Kwikset, because the KW keyway is less contorted and constrictive than is the Schlage.  Why does this matter?  Simply because the Kwikset keyway makes using a tension tool (which is just as important in lock picking as is the pick itself) easier.  On the other hand, Schlage keyways, with their odd shape, can make using a tension tool quite a challenge until you've gotten used to it.

For the all-around best choice, for both beginners and experts, go with our EZ Rekey line of practice locks, as they can be quickly and easily rekeyed (meaning you can change the tumblers) without using tools and without having prior experience.  One lock cylinder will suffice for any and all levels of lock picking challenge.  You can set it up with a single tumbler if you are brand new to lock picking and it will pick instantly – and work your way all the way up to a 6-pinned combination using high security spool drivers for an advanced challenge – and anywhere in between.  Choose either cutaway style (recommended for beginners only) or standard, and we'd recommend one Kwikset and one Schlage to cover your bases.
All these choices on one website!  Here are our recommendations:

For Beginner:

        Package A; 3 locks pinned with 2, 3 and 5 pins ("pins" refer to tumblers, more correctly called pin tumblers)

or     Package B; 3 locks pinned with 3, 5 and 5-pinned CutAway lock

OR -    EZ Rekey Practice Lock (cutaway version for beginners, standard version for those with some picking experience) – These locks come with extra pins and springs and complete rekeying instructions.  BEST VALUE.

For Pros:

Advanced Challenge Practice Lock Assortment

This set of 6 standard practice locks is designed to take a beginning or intermediate lock picking student through a series of mounting picking challenges, culminating in a 6-pinned lock with a difficult combination and spool drivers.  The first three lock cylinders are pinned 3-, 5- and 6-pinned respectively.  The second set consists of similarly pinned locks (though the combinations are NOT identical to the first set), and these feature spool drivers to make the challenge even greater.  Available in either KW or SC keyway.

OR -

Hi-Challenge Practice Locks

These lock cylinders come in a variety of commercial keyways that tend to be a bit more challenging than the common Kwikset or Schlage keyway.  Available as a set of 5, or individually, they are:


Sargent LA keyway (6 pin lock)

Yale GA keyway (6 pin lock)

Corbin 60 keyway (6 pin)

Yale Y1 keyway (5 pin)

Arrow AR1 (5 pin)

All of these locks will fit any of our practice lock stands, including the TriPik series stands, the Cyclops, the Universal Stand and the Solo Pick Stand.

Sargent LA keyway (6 pin lock)Yale GA keyway (6 pin lock)Corbin 60 keyway (6 pin)Yale Y1 keyway (5 pin)Arrow AR1 (5 pin)