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The Practice Lock To End All Practice Locks



Here comes the best tool for Lock Picking Practice we have ever offered and you'll be crazy to try learning lockpicking without one. This lock has thousands of possibile pinning combinations because YOU decide what your practice lock will be from one practice session to the next.  NO TOOLS are required to rekey this amazing little lock, and no experience is necessary.  For example, you can key it up as a 2-pinned lock for super easy picking (and good practice for a beginner) to a monster of a challenge in less than a minute.  Why buy extra locks???


EZ to use!

  • Absolutely no experience required
  • Guaraneed the FASTEST practice lock to rekey
  • No tools needed - Not even a tiny allen wrench!
  • Complete, illustrated instructions make it stupidly simple
  • Plenty of extra pin tumblers included to create thousands of combinations
  • Spool drivers included -- make your practice lock nearly impossible to pick!
  • Serrated drivers available as an option
  • One year full replacement warranty in the event of breakage

EZ to grow with!

Actually, it grows with YOU.  You'll never outgrow your EZ ReKey lock.  Start (if you choose) with only 1 bottom pin for a super easy pick.  Move to harder challenges by adding one pin at a time (along with a top pin and a spring for each bottom pin, of course).  Go right up to 6 pins -- then start replacing standard top pins with spool drivers and eventually you'll be a seasoned lock picking Pro.

1-pinned  2-pinned  3-pinned  4-pinned  5-pinned  6-pinned





  • 3 Extra Top Springs, in case you lose some (springs have a life of their own!)
  • 10 Bottom Pins, assorted sizes (for a total of 16 bottom pins as it comes to you pinned with a 6-pin combination!)
  • 6 Spool Drivers (in addition to the 6 standard drivers that are already inside the lock)
  • Complete illustrated instructions, not shown


AVAILABLE IN A VARIETY OF CONFIGURATIONS . . . Standard or Cutaway, KW or SC (or you can buy 1 or each at a discount!).


For anyone interested in locks, not confined to the Locksmith or the hobbyist, this locksmith tool is superb. As a Practice Lock you can use it to learn how to lock pick or use it to learn how to rekey a lock.

Available as a Cutaway Practice Lock or a non-cutaway, it is supplied in either case with pins and springs which gives you the means to create any level of challenge to learn lockpicking. Keys are also provided, one a working key and one a key not correct for the initial combination provided. Whether you want to learn to pick padlock or deadbolt, it is wise to practice with variable combinations.

It is a rekey cylinder to learn how to lock change, and it is a practice cylinder to learn how to lock pick. Because you can get it in either cut away or standard version (or buy one of each!), it is great for either beginner (cut away) or experienced lock picker.

Make it as simple as a single-pin lock or put spool and serrated pins in each of the holes to make of this lock an incredibly challenging one, this lock is the only one that grows with your skills. Note that serrated pins are available as a separate option. We provide plenty of extra bottom pins (10 plus the pins already in the lock when you receive it) and you'll have extra springs in case you lose a few. We also include illustrated, easy to follow instructions which take you step by step through the super simple rekey process, which does NOT require tools

A fantastic value at any price, you'll find our introductory price to be almost too good to be true.

The EZ ReKey Practice Lock is available as either a standard cylinder or a CUT-AWAY cylinder, as shown below. They both key up the same way, but with the cut-away version (recommended particularly for beginners) you can see how your picking actions are affecting the pins and springs inside.

This lock comes to you already pinned up with a fairly easy combination, with standard top pins.





Because you can rekey our EZ ReKey Practice Locks easier and FASTER than any other model available, and because they are 6-pin cylinders -- and because each lock comes with plenty of extra tumblers (pins) of varying size -- your imagination is the only limit to how many combinations you can create!


1- Let's start with a super simple, 2-pinned combination.  Use a short bottom pin in the first position and a slightly longer one in the second position.  First make sure you remove ALL the pins and springs from the lock cylinder by sliding the top retainer off and dumping the contents.  Full instructions will come with your lock.
2-pinned lock
2- Just drop in another pin stack (1 bottom pin, 1 top pin and 1 spring) to move up to a 3-pinned practice lock.  For more of a challenge, make sure you vary the relative sizes of the bottom pins!  If you use all the same or similar length pins, the combination will be "flat" and too easy to pick.
3-pin lock

3- Keep adding pin stacks as you get better at picking.  Remember to always load the lock from front to back without skipping any positions (stations).  Here's an example of a very hard to pick 6-pin combo:

6-pin lock



Use spool drivers in place of the standard top pins.  We include 6 of these with your EZ-ReKey Practice Lock. 

spool drivers

You can use add just a couple in your combination or replace all the regular top pins with spools for highest challenge.  Don't use both a regular top pin and a spool -- you should have one or the other in each stack.

6-pin with spools

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