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Frequently Asked Questions About Lock Picking and our Services.


1)  I'm not a locksmith. Is the possession of lock picks legal?

Because it would be impossible for us to know the legalities existing in every jurisdiction in the United States (not to mention other countries), we cannot even attempt to give a full answer for this question.  It is an important one, however, and one that YOU must determine by contacting your local authorities.  It is, put simply, your responsibility BEFORE YOU PLACE AN ORDER to determine whether or not you are legally able to possess locksmith tools.  In most cases, you will find that there is no problem.  Just as it is legal to own a firearm in this country, it is what you DO with it that is the defining factor with respect to legality.

2) Can anyone learn how to pick locks?

Any physically capable person, able to hold a lock pick in one hand and a tension tool in the other, can learn to lockpick. While there is skill involved, it is an easily acquired skill and one that is not restricted to any particular age group.  The process is alarmingly straight forward and quite easy to pick up (no pun intended).  Practice is what is required, and basic tools that are found in abundance at this web site.

3) Will every lock yield to lock picking?

Eventually, every lock, if worked on long enough by a qualified and skillful lockpicker, will yield ... providing it is functional to begin with.  However, there are high security models that are as close to being pick-proof as imagineable.  Some of these locks are not worth wasting time on if you want to pick them because the odds of success are astronomically low.  The good thing for locksmiths is that these brands, such as Medeco and Abloy, are not found often and are virtually never used in residential homes.  You'll find them in government and military installations and banks. This leaves about 90% of the locks on planet Earth vulnerable to the skills of a practiced lockpicker.

4) I never picked anything before. Where should I start?

You begin by purchasing a basic set of lockpicks.  Do not make the mistake of using homemade tools because you will learn poor technique and you will become accustomed to the feel of tools that you will eventually abandon for authentic, well made lockpicks.  You will find a good variety of low cost sets ideal for beginners at LockpickersMall.  Next, you should have at least two or three Practice Locks, with one of them having only 2 or 3 tumblers in it.  Again, you can find kits with Practice Locks right here (the best selection on the entire Internet).  We highly advise you purchase a stand to hold your Practice Locks, such as the low cost Solo Pick Stand, or better yet, one of the several models of TriPik Stands.  Some of our Practice Kits come with the wonderfully informative LOCKSMITH'S MASTER RESOURCE, a collection of 3 valuable instruction books in PDF format on CD.  With these few tools you will have all you need to become a proficient and capable lockpicker.  We also provide the very best selection anywhere of complete home-study lock picking training kits -- a few with expansive use which also teach the basic techniques of rekeying locks.  These larger kits are ESSENTIAL if you are planning to start your own locksmith service.

5)  What should I order as a complete beginner to lockpicking?

As mentioned above . . . choose the lockpick set that best suits your budget, striving for the best you can afford.  Best choice is to purchase one of our complete lock picking training kits because they include a pick set, Practice Locks, a Practice Lock Stand, and in most cases the Master Resource CD.  Kits are great because you save money over buying the individual parts separately.

6)  Can I pay by PayPal?

Yes, indeed.  Simply choose the PayPal option when you get to Checkout.  One requirement is that we require you take the few easy steps to CONFIRM your PayPal address.  This is a quick and easy process at the PayPal web site.  It provides merchants with assurance that you are who you say your are -- an important factor in eliminating fraudulent orders.

Not a PayPal member?  Become one!  It's free and painless to join, and PayPal PAYS YOU $5 to become a member!

7)  Is this site operated by a real Locksmith?

Absolutely.  The owner, George Robertson, has been a self-employed locksmith for over 25 years and continues to operate a mobile service in Pearce, Arizona and surrounding localities.  The electronic books and CDs offered at this site are all copyrighted by George Robertson and reflect a vast amount of in-the-field experience. As a working Locksmith, the owner is able to monitor and industry and select only those tools he himself would want to use in the real world business of Locksmithing. has grown exponentially over the past few years and this has improved our ability to serve customers quickly and reliably, with what we feel is the best and most lenient customer service policy in this industry.

8) Do you have a 1-Day Rush Guaranteed Service?

No, we are not able to extend a global and absolute 1-day rush service.  This, however, does not mean we will not give every effort to ship your order within 24 hours of its receipt.  We do this as a general rule (weekends and Holidays are, of course, excluded).  The reasons that we are unable to give an unqualified guarantee are easy to understand.  Sometimes inventory gets drained suddenly when an unexpectedly large order comes in, or when a flurry of orders hit us for one specific item.  If your order comes in right after we sell out, we would be unable to get your order filled in 24 hours.  Also, heavy order volume has a tendency to set us back a day or two, though this is sporadic.  For the most part, we DO ship within 24 hours, but to guarantee this would be irresponsible.  IF YOU REQUIRE AN UNUSUALLY FAST TURNOVER, we urge you to contact us prior to placing your order so we can prepare for it and verify that we will have all items you need in stock or at most 1 day out.  Click on the CONTACT US link at the top or bottom of this page.

9)  How do I reach you?

Please see our Contact Us page.  Phone calls are actually more of a hit/miss method than email, as we monitor our email regularly but are often unable to hear the phones due to machinery running in our assembly shop (which we are all spend a good deal of our time).  We ALWAYS return voice mail messages within a few minutes except those that come in very late at night.

10)  Do you guarantee your products?

We offer only the finest Locksmith supplies available, so we are confident enough to offer a full money-back guarantee on almost everything in the store.  The only exceptions are instructional media such as books, CDs, DVDs and e-books that are downloaded at checkout.  We cannot offer refunds on these because they are so easily copied.   Also, some manufacturers such as A1, Southord, and HPC insist on handling warranty issues themselves.  Contact us with your warranty concerns before returning anything!  For more detailed information, please click here:  Return-Policy

11)  Is your shopping cart secure?

Our checkout system is protected by state of the art SSL encryption which guarantees security for your personal information, and we maintain complete PCI Compiance.  Also, the web site itself is under the watchful and protective monitoring of McAfee Secure (previously known as Hacker Safe), which prevents hackers from accessing anything in our files.   Once your order has been authorized and your credit card charged, the system deletes the actual account number and purges it from the system.  You can order via our shopping cart with complete confidence.

12)  Will you share my personal information with other sites?

We do not share our customer's personal information, including email address, with ANYONE.  If you choose to join our email list, you will receive periodic (but infrequent) notices about special discounts and promotions -- many of them available only to those who have joined the list. 

13)  What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Diner's Club credit cards. Also, PayPal.   If you select 'Sending Payment' at checkout, you can send a money order, cashier's check, personal check, business check, or cash. If you send checks other than a cashier's check, there will be a delay in shipping while we await clearing of your check. If you send cash, please DO NOT use an envelope -- send it in a small box along with a copy of your invoice printed from the online receipt. Be aware that paying with cash carries a risk because if the payment gets lost or stolen enroute we have no proof that you paid anything at all. Sending cash is risky and it is the purchaser who assumes all the risk. 

14)  What happens if my order gets lost or is stolen while enroute?

This is what INSURANCE is for. Express Mail and Express Mail International both include automatic coverage for these events up to $100 USD. You can add more insurance at checkout if your order exceeds this amount. We URGE you to add insurance to your order regardless of which shipping option you choose as loss during shipping does occur, and packages do occasionally get stolen enroute. Failing to add insurance and then making a claim against the merchant through credit card providers in the event of an item lost during shipment is nothing short of theft of services and merchandise. It is under-handed and morally corrupt.   We frankly expect more of our customers than this. Please take the precaution of adding insurance to any order, particularly those that exceed a value of $100.  In short, legally we are not responsible for items lost or stolen during shipping.  If insurance has been added, however, we will refund or replace such items immediately and deal with the shipping agent so you don't have to. 

15)  How do I create an account?

When you place your first order with us, you can form an account by creating a username. This is optional. By creating an account, you are able to login any time and view your order history, change contact information, change your password, etc. Also, registered users save time every time they place a new order because their information is automatically loaded when they go through checkout.

16) Can I order by phone?

Phone ordering is available at 1-800-608-5880.  Please be aware that due to economic pressures our order desk is manned at irregular intervals.  If you encounter our voice mail, please be willing to leave a detailed message with your contact phone number so we can return your call.  Your call WILL be returned quickly.  DO NOT USE THIS NUMBER TO INQUIRE ABOUT EXISTING ORDERS OR ABOUT SPECIFIC PRODUCT INFORMATION.  Send email for such things -- we promise it will be replied to in short order.