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Locksport-XPCM Max Duty Practice Lock Stand


Locksport-XPCM Max Duty Practice Lock Stand

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Product Description

Deluxe "Maximum Duty" Locksport XPCM Practice Lock Stand





(Locks shown in images are NOT included with this item unless ordered as options)

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For serious practitioners of lock picking, whether it be as a hobbyist or student of the locksmith profession, here is the only practice stand you will ever need!  It is ideal for lock picking competition, as well -- thus the "locksport" moniker.  Constructed of tough super hard polyurethane resin (for the "head" of the stand) and solid aluminum (for the base), it sports 4 over-sized steel thumb screws to assure a tight and secure hold on practice locks, and they can be used in several different arrangements depending on the specific lock you are working with.  This is our newest, improved model, featuring the use of brass threaded inserts for the side mounted thumb screws (the upper, short thumb screw would not benefit from an insert).

Even more important is the fact that this stand is able to withstand the rigors of not only lock picking practice but also key impressioning and lock bumping.

This stand is similar to our original Locksport-Pro version, but it has expanded capacity in the sense that it can accept quite a few more lock cylinder types than our older stand.  By popular demand, we have modified the "Pro" stand to accept several common deadbolt cylinders which seem to be favorites of lock picking aficionados.   

Why the need for an updated Locksport stand?

To be sure, there are hundreds of different lock cylinders out there and while many of them share more or less “standardized” dimensions, a great many of them are unusually large (a good example is the type of deadbolt characterized by an integrated pin tumbler cylinder and surrounding trim – consider the Weiser 9471 deadbolts popular some years ago).

It would be possible to build a practice lock stand capable of holding virtually every available cylinder style, but it would be unusually large and needlessly expensive.  What we have endeavored to do with our Locksport-XPCM Practice Lock Stand is to accommodate those cylinder styles that are most commonly used in lock picking practice, assuring that as wide a variety of sizes and shapes as possible be allowed.  First off, we wanted to make certain that specific “types” of cylinders that are in wide use be addressed, such as:


Standardized Mortise Cylinders

mortise cylinder


Standardized Rim Cylinders

rim cylinder


Standardized Cam Lock Cylinders with Removable Cam

cam lock with removable cam


Standardized KIK (key in knob) Cylinders

KIK cylinder


Standardized Large Format I-Core Cylinders

large I-Core Cylinder


Standardized Small Format I-Core Cylinders



Standardized European “profile” Cylinders

 Euro Style Profile Cylinder


 By “standardized”, we are referring to the fact that all these cylinder types stay true to specific dimensions in order to fit “standard” openings in common hardware.  The standard diameter of a mortise cylinder is always 1-5/32 inches.  Same with standard rim cylinders.  Common cam locks are expected to fit the standard threading prep for such a cylinder, so cam locks “always” fit a 3/4 inch opening.  There may be proprietary cam locks, made to fit larger or smaller threaded openings, but they would not be the norm.

Key in knob cylinders (usually referred to as KIK cylinders) are used in a great many deadbolt locks as well as knob and lever locks.  You will find a slightly wider variety of diameters when it comes to these common pin tumbler cylinders.  We have assured that our Locksport-XPCM stand accepts not only the “standardized” variety (usually found in residential grade hardware) but also the larger and more robust commercial cylinders (Sargent, Corbin-Russwin, Commercial Yale, etc.).

Lock picking aficionados often use deadbolt cylinders (by this I mean the inner cylinders removed from common deadbolt locks) for their practice sessions.  Our previous stands have not been able to accept commonly used deadbolt cylinders but we have taken the advice of many customers and made certain the Locksport-XPCM (which stands for “expanded capacity max-duty”) can handle several of the most often used types.  Among these:


Kwikset 660 and 880 series deadbolt cylinders

kwikset deadbolt cylinder 660


Kwikset Smart Key deadbolt cylinders (those that are not integrated with the trim)

kwikset-780 cylinder


Schlage B-160 and equivalent deadbolt cylinders

schlage deadbolt cyl


MT-5 Mul-T-Lock Hercular Cylinder

 mul-t-lock cyl

CPL-5 Clear Plastic Locks 








This is a short list of the lock cylinders our fantastic Locksport-XPC Stand will likely accept.  Unquestionably, there will be many other deadbolt cylinders that will fit it, but hopefully this list gives you some idea of its versatility.

Speaking of versatility . . . Our Locksport-XPCM can be mounted in a number of ways:

-- Free Standing (fine for lock picking practice)

-- Temporarily mounted to any smooth flat surface with included double-side tape (also fine for picking practice)

-- Mounted to a hard surface with included mounting screws (required for key impressioning or lock bumping practice)

-- Mounted to any work surface that has an "overhang" thru use of a standard C-Clamp




(1) Locksport-XPCM Stand with 4 Over-sized Steel Thumb Screws

(1) "Cam Proxy Spacer" (this is used in place of the cam on cam locks)

(1) Mortise Cylinder/Rim Cylinder Adapter Ring

(1) Pkg Mounting Screws and Double Sided Mounting Tape

(1) Helpful hints instruction sheet


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