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What our customers say...

The first thing that shocked me when I received the package was the fact I had no customs fees. I live in Canada and when I heard the delivery truck, I immediately got out my wallet; I frequently had $35 "fees" on $50 items. Taxes, fees, costs, duties, etc.

By the way, don't try to find lock picks in Canada: they don't sell them. There is no "canadian" lockpicking shop. The only place I found that would sell me lock pick after around 30 calls was a locksmith around 50 miles from my place (no other locksmith accepted) and he wanted to sell me a cheap southord set for $75. I was about to give up on learning lockpicking when I found

The second thing that struck me when I received my order, except maybe from the speed of the delivery from Arizona, USA to Québec, Canada, was how well the whole order was packaged. You have to see it to believe it, the most simple items were packaged and protected at least six times, literally a box inside a box. The instructions given where clear and helpful.

As for the items - well they were more than excellent. I ordered a HPC deluxe and was surprised by the quality of the item, exactly as stated on the website. The stand was robust and of good quality. And the EZ-Rekey is simply fantastic. The price? A fraction of what I would have paid for items of inferior quality on other websites.

Overall? Certainly a 10/10 transaction. I have never seen a lockpicking website go such great lengths to satisfy the customer. The owner, Mr. Robertson, literrally thought about everything. I highly, highly recommend this website to people who've never lockpicked before as well as professionals. I have no idea how LockPickersMall keep such great prices while still offering that EXCELLENT service.

As for lockpicking? If you are serious about learning, get the Youtube Kit or the EZ-Rekey. These tools will speed your learning DRAMATICALLY.

Frank Clapeau, Montréal Québec, Canada.


I just wanted to write a quick note to express my satisfaction with your service.
I called the phone number today with a few technical questions in regards to a 
recent order, and was very happy to speak with somebody who was quite knowledgeable 
in addition to being concerned with my understanding.
The first time I ever ordered anything from you guys was through your store, 
so I was able to leave some feedback after the transaction, which I left as positive 
because the item arrived promptly, but I feel like now I would have much more meaningful 
feedback, such as "customer service second to none" or something like that.
I certainly will not hesitate to do business with you again, and I will certainly 
recommend you to anyone interested in the products you offer.
So, please accept my gratitude and keep up the great work.
Thank you,

                                                  Paul Levine, order number 1930


Hi George,

I just wanted to let you know that everything has arrived safe and sound and very professionally packed. 
It’s really cool to see what’s going on inside the lock when trying to pick it and I know this will improve 
my picking skills many times over. I can’t put into words how much I love this item and how much I appreciate 
you working with me the way you did. You have a customer for life and I will highly recommend you to my lock 
sport friends. No wonder you have 100% positive feedback on eBay!



Thanks for the great customer service!
I'll be sure to mention it to fellow lockpicking enthusiasts!



I'm a student locksmith, my biggest challenge was picking. I kept
hitting a brick wall. I looked at a lot of web sites and other
literature I could. No matter how many hours I practiced I still could
not open a lock in less than 10-20 minutes. Some times only a few times
a day. It was to a point after two month's that I was really thinking of
giving up on the whole idea of locksmithing altogether.

I saw the Lock Picking Workstation. After several emails with George
Robertson I decided to give this a try and see if it could help. I
really like what I was learning and had hopes to be able to begin work
as a locksmith summer 2005 when my classes finish.

At first it seemed like it was too easy because I could see what the
pins were doing and even wondered if I fell to a another gimmick. I
could open the lock station locks with ease but not able to get one
house lock to open.

I was told not to be fooled by how easy it seemed or looked. I kept up.

I was practicing many hours during the day. Had the picking station on a
small TV tray near me. Watching TV and when a commercial came on
practiced on the locks. Finally after a month I decided to try the house
locks again. That just so happened to be Kwikset pick resistance dead
bolts. Wow!!! I was able to pick it in about a minute or less. The first
few times I thought I was just getting real lucky or that because it's
snowing out and wanted to get back in the house. I kept re-setting the
dead bolt and was able to keep opening it just like I should be able to.

I will soon re-pin the picking station to be much harder and start
practicing with them. I will contact a few friends to see if they will
let me practice on their home or business and offer them a free re-key
for letting me. I'm feeling very confident and much better about picking
and locksmithing in general.

I give the thanks to the picking station and George for the time he
spent answering all my crazy emails to help me understand better how the
pins work and feel. I could see what I was feeling and could use that
vision of the pins in a real door look.

This is a great product and would recommend it to any one wanting to
learn the art of picking or to just be able to stay in practice.

Feel free to contact me at with any questions you
might have.

                                                                    Bob Ross



My wife and I are very impressed with your honesty, 
integrity, and willingness to share your information and 
experiences with me. As you know police and medic/firefighters 
don't make much money at all (many of us do it for the love 
of the occupation), yet there is a tremendous amount of personal 
time invested in these trades that goes uncompensated. So, if 
I can just make a few dollars, and make some customers happy, 
that will fulfill my intention.

You are a very generous man for sharing your wealth of knowledge. 
I hope that God Blesses you with everything you ever want in life. 
We live in a rural area that is growing quickly. The Sheriff''s office 
responds to most "keys locked in vehicle" calls. I should know, because 
my wife is a County Detective here. I'm hoping to do exactly as you 
suggested above, because I've personally witnessed the Sheriff's Dept. 
damage several doors with their slim jims. They get little to no 
training in how to open car doors, and they use their "waiver contracts" 
to keep from being sued or to control the vehicle owner's disappointments. 
I hope to establish a responsible small business with all due respect for 
getting these customers the "professional" assistance that they request. 
Thanks again George, you're one in a million!

                                                                     -Jim, Sue and Family


Hi George-
Everyone at the office was having so much fun with the lock I bought
from you earlier this month, I decided to get a couple more!
Would you please quote shipping for both locks to zip 34243.
I will make a single paypal payment to cover both plus shipping.
                                                                   Steve Elliott


Mr. George Robertson
Lock Picker's Mall

I just wanted to let you know that the pick sets I ordered arrived finally!!
I'm really pleased with the product. Thanks a lot. 
And I'll be in touch again if I need to place another order.

                                                                    Sincerely yours,
                                                                    Hideto Suzuki



Thank you very much for the link! It is great information, much more
practical than the MIT Guide: suddenly raking made much more sense.

I am looking forward to my cut-away lock as it will nicely complement my
practice Kwikset deadbolt (4 pins for the first time tonight after reading
your instructions).