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HPC Locksmith Tools - Some of Best in the Business

For a very long HPC Lock Picks have been the top choice of Professional Locksmiths. The quality that goes into an HPC Lockpick is evident in both appearance and use. As one of the world's leading manufacturers in locksmith equipment, HPC continues to earn its lofty place amongst manufacturers year after year.

Among the products offered to locksmiths you'll find tubular lock picks, premium pick sets, tools for lock rekeying and servicing, automotive locksmith tools, car opening tools and kits, and the finest key duplicators and code machines available. The exceptional 1200CMB Blitz and the very popular 9120RM Mini Speedex machines can be found in the majority of U.S. Locksmith shops.

For advanced lock pickers and hobbyists we heartily recommend HPC's Deluxe Pick Set, a professional grade collection of spring steel lockpicking tools in a zippered cowhide case. If you pick locks for a living as a working Locksmith or as a hobby, you'll appreciate the nice variety this kit offers. All the pick styles you'll ever need are included. Some of the picks have reinforced riveted handles for extra weight and balance, others are without handles. All Lock Picking Kits in the HPC line come with at least one tension wrench. Many have two, three or four different styles.

HPC Lock Picks are popular with locksmiths

There is one thing you won't find in ANY HPC pick set and that is cheapness. Anyone who has been in this business for long knows that price should not be the main consideration when choosing any tool, and the same goes when choosing a specialty tool for your locksmith career.  To have the best chance the next time you tackle a tough deadbolt or an Ace lock, you should arm yourself with the Industry's best tools. HPC Tools fit that description perfectly.


NDPK Deluxe Pick Set from HPC

This is the HPC Deluxe Pick Set, or NDPK; a complete and robust set for intermediate to advanced lockpickers.  Click here to purchase.