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With Pro-Maker you can teach yourself lockpicking, key impressioning and lock bumping at your own pace. It's EASY, it's FAST and it's totally FUN!

  • Deluxe Impressioning Stand accepts huge variety of lock cylinder styles
  • 15 key blanks included for impressioning practice
  • 16-Piece Southord Pick Set included with case
  • Four practice locks included; 3 different types
  • Scroll down and find out why you NEED this kit!

Only $179.00 for a $305 Value! We've packed great stuff into this amazing package, including the best stand ever marketed for the practice of all three of locksmithing's most crucial skills: Lockpicking, key impressioning and lock bumping.

Here are the contents of the Pro-Maker:

At the heart of The Pro-Maker Kit is our ground-breaking Deluxe Impressioning Stand. Here's a few things you can do with it.

Key-in-knob cylinder

Mortise cylinder (or Rim cylinder)

Both a mortise and a KIK cylinder

Euro profile cylinder and a large format I-Core cylinder

A small format I-Core cylinder
Cam lock set up for maximum secure hold, for impressioning
 C-Clamp used instead of mounting to surface with screws

We're all about bargains here at Lock Pickers Mall, and this is one of biggest we've ever offered!

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