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LockSportPro 3-Skills Practice Kit


LockSportPro 3-Skills Practice Kit


Product Description




Here's fantastic news!  We've combined our fabulous LockSport-Pro Practice Stand with the Heavy Duty Table Clamp and a group of accessories that will give serious locksport participants the tools they need to hone three key skills:  Lock picking, key impressioning and lock bumping.  This kit features all the following items:


  • (1) LockSport-Pro Practice Stand
  • (1) Heavy Duty Table Clamp (attaches to the stand with machine screws for maximum stability)
  • (1) Cut-Away Style 6-Pinned Practice Lock w/ working key and also incorrectly cut key
  • (1) Standard 6-Pinned Practice Lock w/ working key
  • (1) Cam Lock w/ working key
  • (1) Cam Proxy Spacer (used in place of the cam on cam locks to permit rotation of the plug)
  • (1) Mortise Cylinder (5-pinned) w/ working key
  • (1) SouthOrd Pick Set (MPXS-08) w/ snap case
  • (1) "How To Pick Locks" PDF ebook on a CD disc


This stand is our most impressive and newest version of the "universal type" stands that we have championed.  It is strong and durable enough to allow aggressive practice techniques such that are required in the practice of key impressioning and lock bumping.  Of course, it is absolutely ideal for lock picking practice as well.

The LockSport-Pro Stand is constructed of two tough, light-weight materials; PVC (for the "head") and solid aluminum (for the base).  The base is prepared to accept our exclusive Heavy Duty Table Clamp, which is included in this kit.  The over-sized thumb screws (4 in total) are solid steel with 1/2" round plastic knurled heads.  The head of the stand is pre-drilled and tapped in four different locations, allowing the user to arrange the thumb screws in a number of configurations based on the type of practice lock to be used and user preference.

This amazing stand can be mounted in several ways:

  1. Free standing (use this method only if you are practicing lock picking)
  2. Temporarily attached to a solid, smooth surface using double-sided mounting squares (provided) -- Okay for lock picking practice
  3. Mounted to a solid flat surface with 2 wood screws (provided).  Fine for lock picking or key impressioning practice.
  4. Clamped to the lip of a table or shelf with the Heavy Duty Table Clamp bolted to the stand (use this method for sure if you are practicing lock bumping, or you are particularly aggressive with key impressioning techniques).
  5. Clamped to the lip of a table or shelf by using the Heavy Duty Table Clamp in the style of a standard C-Clamp (do NOT use this method for key impressioning as it can allow the stand to pivot side to side).


You can practice on a wide variety of practice lock styles with our LockSport-Pro.  Here is a short list:

  • KIK (key-in-knob) style  pcy5sc-2016-001.jpg
  • Mortise Cylinder   mortisecylinder-th.jpg
  • Rim Cylinder   rim-cyl.jpg
  • Cam Lock   camlock.jpg
  • Small Format I-Core Cylinder sm-ic-cyl.jpg
  • Large Formet I-Core Cylinder  lrg-ic-cyl.jpg
  • Euro-Style Profile Cylinder  euro-profile-cyl.jpg

Other lock cylinders are also capable of fitting in this stand, such as peanut cylinders (from smaller padlocks with removable cylinders), very small padlocks (intact, mounted on their side), and various of the popular clear plastic locks.





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