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For a limited time (in other words, don't pass this up!) you can use this coupon at checkout and get a 20% discount on this 13-place stand with a full set of practice locks.  To enable the discount, simply select to add a lock set when you place this item in your cart.  Use the drop down menu that appears next to the "add to cart" button and select any lock assortment.  If you don't select a lock assortment, the coupon will have no effect. 


Lock picking enthusiasts relish their practice sessions and they often line up a fair quantity of lock cylinders with differing combinations, going from one to the next. Our goal in creating the revolutionary (nothing else like it anywhere) Locksport Practice Station was to accommodate this healthy habit, and we intentionally designed this particular model (LPS13) to accept both key-in-knob (KIK) and mortise cylinders as these are the two most commonly used practice lock variants. Also, we assured that this model is capable of holding a full "Progressive8" set of KIK practice locks, which happens to be one of our best selling practice lock assortments.

The Locksport Practice Station is an acyrlic flat board that sits at a comfortable angle to the user. The top row of ports, or openings, holds KIK style lock cylinders, 8 of them in a row, while the lower row can hold up to 5 standard size mortise cylinders OR standard size rim cylinders. Nylon screws provide a firm grip, one screw for each port, keeping the lock cylinders from moving or slipping while you do your magic.

Note, please, that this stand is designed only for picking practice and it is not intended to be used for the practice of key impressioning or lock bumping as these activities produce stresses the Locksport Practice Station is not designed to withstand. We wanted this product to be easily transportable, light-weight but rugged, and low profile. Place it free standing on a standard height table surface and sit in front of the board and your practice locks will be at an ideal level for comfortable practice sessions.

A surprising feature of our Locksport Practice Station is that it will accommodate a wide variety of key-in-knob cylinder variants thanks to the unusual shape of the ports. It easily accepts:

• Standard size KIK cylinders such as those removed from Schlage deadbolts
• Commercial size KIK cylinders, such as Corbin and large size Yale
• Sargent knob cylinders (with the protrusion at the bottom of the cylinder)
• Our exclusive EZ Rekey KIK cylinders with their modified top cap

Standard size mortise cylinders and rim cylinders fit the five lower ports, and each has its own nylon threaded screw to hold it firmly in place.

Locksport Practice Board Img 02


ABOVE  --  Image shows how KIK and mortise cylinders are secured.  This is view from behind the station.


LOCKSPORT PRACTICE STATION img 03 Our Practice Station accepts several different KIK sizes


LOCKSPORT PRACTICE STATION img 04   Shown with one of our exclusive EZ Rekey Practice Locks Installed




  • Light weight and very portable
  • Holds up to 8 KIK (key in knob) cylinders at one time; Will accommodate a complete Progressive 8 Set
  • Holds up to 5 mortise cylinder and/or rim cylinders at one time
  • EASY lock insertion and removal
  • Perfect height for lock pick practice when you are seated at a standard height table
  • Use it free standing or, for more stability, use double-sided mounting squares or attach to work surface with provided mounting screws
  • COOL LOOKING, nothing else remotely like it available elsewhere


Please note that these lock cylinder types are NOT supported:

• Interchangeable core cylinders
• Euro style profile cylinders
• Cam locks
• Mini KIK cylinders, such as removed from some padlocks
• CPL-5 acrylic practice locks (rounded rectangular shape)
• Kwikset knob cylinders (older style, with attached face plate)

The LPS13 model is 8 inches wide, stands a little over 4-1/2" tall, and is about 3-1/2" deep. It can be used free standing (especially when fully loaded as this adds to the weight), or you can use the supplied wood screws to secure it to a work bench surface (the base of the stand sports two holes for this purpose). You can also use double-sided tape squares to form a semi-permanent mount, but we don't recommend this unless your work surface is metal, tile or some other hard material. Self-sticking tape can damage wood, particle board and many other surfaces.

Optionally, when you place your Locksport Practice Station in your cart, you can add a set of practice locks at 15% off their current store selling price.  Of course you can also add locks separately from our huge selection of individual practice locks and assortments . . . but you won't get the 15% off if you do it that way.


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