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Progressive Challenge Lock Picking Practice Kit

$229.95 $199.95
(You save $30.00)

Progressive Challenge Lock Picking Practice Kit

$229.95 $199.95
(You save $30.00)

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Introducting our newest, most user-friendly Lock Picking Training Kit





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The problem with self-training isn't so much getting hold of instructional material.  That stuff's all over the internet and much of it is free.  The problem is getting access to a wide variety of locks that have differing combinations.  You won't learn much by practicing on the locks in your home or office because most often you'll find all the locks have the same tumbler combination.  Even if you find three or four different combos to practice with, it is incredibly self limiting.


You need to practice with a wide variety of combinations in order to develop lock picking skills.  Better yet, if you're just beginning, you need a PROGRESSIVE set up in which you begin with locks that have only 2 or maybe 3 pins (tumblers) in the them and progress up through a fully 6-pinned commercial style lock.  You need to do this at your own pace.  You need our new PROGRESSIVE CHALLENGE LOCK PICKING TRAINING KIT.


Not only do you get a complete set of 6 progressively pinned practice locks (pinned 1 thru 6 pins with random combinations), we also include an additional 7th lock cylinder which will give even the most skillful lock picker a headache; a 6-pinned lock cylinder with pick resistant top pins (spool drivers).  That's for when you've worked your way up and feel you can take the challenge!

As a default, all the practice locks in the kit have the most popular keyway with hobbyists:  Schlage.  We chose to give you Schlage for a reason.  If you can learn to pick locks that use the Schlage keyway, you'll be able to pick pretty much any other keyway.  Why learn with a keyway, like Kwikset, that poses no real challenge?  Still, and this is another bonus, if you really want Kwikset instead of Schlage, you can choose that option when you put this kit in your shopping cart.


There's much more.  In this fun and easy to use home training kit you get the following extras:


TriPik-II Practice Lock Stand -- our best selling, fully adjustable stand

A 14-piece professional grade lock pick set by Southord, the MPXS-14

The Locksmith's Master Resource CD-ROM, containing 2 lock picking manuals in PDF format as well as several other locksmith related PDF ebooks

"Lock Picking Basics", one of our most popular printed lock picking how-to books


All the practice locks in this kit can be rekeyed with standard tools and procedures.  If you know how to rekey and you have these tools, go for it!  Change the combinations at will, make your own combos.  But wait a minute!  There's no need to buy the rekeying tools and learn the rekeying procedures.  You'll be able to rekey any of these quickly and easily (if you wish) because we're including 1 EZ REKEY CAP, with complete instructions.

What on earth is an EZ REKEY CAP?  It's the same modified top retainer that is found on our EZ ReKey Practice Locks, and you can substitute the normal top retainer on any one of the 7 practice locks in this kit with this special cap.  It allows you to quickly rekey the practice lock you put it on any time in less than a minute, without tools and with no special knowledge.  That means you suddenly have at your disposal more than TEN THOUSAND possible pinning combinations at your fingertips.  To make it even easier, we supply you with a pack of 10 extra bottom pins (tumblers) of varying size, giving you enough pins to create all the new combinations you could possibly imagine.

It means you aren't stuck with the combos that are already set up in your lock assortment!  Work with the ones you get in the kit until you feel you can pick them all with ease, then replace the top retainer on just one of the practice locks with our EZ REKEY CAP and open your world to thousands upon thousands more possible combos. 

Bottom line is you'll never outgrow this tremendous practice kit!


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